1. dude video shi bnate ho..reach bhi bdhega hi..thoda responsible bhi ho jao..last scene is not for the faint hearted..yanto beginning me disclaimer de do ya wo clip hi na rkho.. PEOPLE CAN DIE because of it

  2. It is so bad of you scare me like this. I am all alone in my room and never watch horror at all ….. It can cause a heart attack to person who is not comfortable with horror….. Please stop doing this for others……

  3. Villain in Ek villain is the worst killer I've ever seen.
    He murders his boss, at a Mumbai local station by stabbing her with screwdriver, and then sits with her corpse having a discussion.
    The only reason he is a serial killer is because the plot says so, and an advice by the legend krk

    Better performance was by ajay devgan as tarang in deewangi (split personality)

  4. I do agree with all the choices except for Ritesh Deshmukh. That man was a disaster in the role, even if we don't compare him to the Villan of the movie insaw the devil he is now where. Hands down that was the most disastrous performance by Ritesh. And the movie too sucked. But all.the other choices were really awesome especially Ashutosh Rana.


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