A weekend with the iPhone 8!



  1. I own it and i can say it is definitely not 7s
    It is 6sss the only different thing here is that iphone 8 will last longer than others as it is the new hardware. thats why i picked it upgrading from iphone 5s.
    And it has is a great camera.

  2. After using my 8 for a few months now I must say I absolutely love it! Itโ€™s a powerful phone and a great option for those that donโ€™t want to waste 1000 on a phone. I would hands down recommend the iPhone 8!

  3. You know whats the thing thats better for apple? I dont like samsung cuz new android version even on flagships tooks 6month longer than androids relase day. After 2 years its prety much outdated but apple still supports iphone 5 software


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