1. I'm very sorry for your loss. שלא תדע עוד צער. I can hardly fathom what it must feel like.

    Disagree on the top pick, as it didn't seem to be as groundbreaking and impressive as some of the lower movies on your list.

  2. Man, you talk hella fast and I had to watch this twice, but I would've anyways because this is the best 2017 movie list I've seen so far. I agree with almost everyone of your choices (some of them I didn't see yet) but the number one surprised me so much because I loved it but almost none talks about it. It's definitely in my top 5 and I was really surprised to see at number 1 here. Great job. I will subscribe right now.

  3. I'm very surprised Logan Lucky made it so high, tbh – I rented it based on this video's praise for it but, in my opinion, I preferred a slightly similar heist movie, Going in Style. I'd personally recommend that over Logan Lucky, but they're both pretty good. Neither top spot though, imo, but nevertheless, that's what opinions are for, right?

  4. My sympathies for the loss of your father. I don't agree with all of your assessments, but you arrange your thoughts carefully and logically, so I respectfully agree to disagree at times or smile and part myself on the back when I do. When I haven't seen something, I'm generally grateful for your insights.

  5. Just came accross this channel, watched up until TLJ took spot number 5 and then stopped watching immediately. You seemed like an intelligent reviewer who had respectable taste up to that point but anyone who truly believes TLJ is an example of good filmmaking needs to reevaluate what the key parts of a great film are. TLJ was one of the worst editted and sloppy films I have seen in a good chunk of time. Disregarding the "bold unconventional plot twists" the entire thing was a massive mess and deserves all the criticism it is receiving from fans. The huge continuity errors, plot holes and half baked screenplay all need to be taken into consideration just as much if not more than the "expectation subverting twists".

  6. Somebody please explain to me what, other than Kylo Ren, was good about The Last Jedi. Everyone says "It subverted all my expectations" but I don't consider rejecting all the story threads of the previous movie fun. Also, it has major structural problems and WAY too many characters.

  7. I'm really surprised to see Logan nowhere on this list, not even in honourable mentions. You gave that movie three-and-a-half stars, but gave Wonder Woman only three stars. Did you change your mind about Logan? Do you not like it as much anymore?

  8. Here's what I think of these movies:Loving Vincent-Didn't see it.Wonder Woman-Dishonorable mention.Thor:Ragnarok-#2 on my Best Movies list.Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets-Wanted to see it but didn't.The Post-Didn't see it.mother!-Didn't see it.Phantom Thread-Won't see it.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2-Honorable mention.Professor Marston And The Wonder Women-Didn't see it.Star Wars:The Last Jedi-Best movie of 2017.The Shape Of Water-Didn't see it.Colossal-Didn't see it.Get Out-Didn't see it.Logan Lucky-Didn't see it.

  9. That poorly produced and horribly inaccurate Prof. Marston movie? Really disappointed by this list, Bob. Your perspective is usually spot on, but this selection of movies is really, really bad.

  10. Last Jedi was a franchise killing mess. There was nothing challenging for the primary character. She just happens to be naturally good at everything she does. This took away all tension in the film. The critics may have been paid off to give it glowing reviews, given how low the audience score is.

  11. It's such BS that this video got hit with a copyright claim. Evidently they didn't learn anything from Pixels getting a bunch of videos with "pixels" in the tile taken down. Bah and humbug on that one. Keep up the good work Bob.


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