My Hero Academy: A Justice – Midoriya & Bakugou Game (better HD quality) | Jump Festa ' 18



  1. Ugh anime games need to the arena fighters. But on another note…
    Is Deku using air bullets from the 20% reveal or is this from before he had a firm grasp of O4A? If its the latter he should be hurting himself every time he does it

  2. The gameplay is fantastic, but they have some time to improve the graphics as much as how amazing the graphics were in the trailer, but it’s still really amazing, and I also hope that they make the health and stuff like that simple let and not complicated,, and I hope it’s like Naruto Storm 4. But just one question, is it on switch 2? OTHER THAN THAT ITS AMAZING

  3. The graphics are complete ass, it looks like a Storm clone but somehow even worse (not a fan of the Storm games). Would much prefer a 2D fighter. That being said, this is the only MHA game coming to Xbone, so buy the hell out of it. It will encourage them to make more, better games.

  4. If it does have story mode, I bet it would be ridiculously short. The anime (and the manga for that matter) is still in its early development (only 2 seasons [for anime]). Not much to go with really.

  5. I've never understood how this 3D fighting style caught on like it did. It's so clunky compared to the 2.5D alternative. Budokai 3 and Rise of a Ninja/Broken Bond translated it almost perfectly. Why have no anime games gone back to that?

  6. I get the ok graphics they are still working on it after all. But when the graphics get tweaked it'll be perfect. Any way any characters y''all plan on maining. Me it's my boy Tenya.


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