My Hero Academy OST – You Say Run + Jet Run (You Say Run V2)



  1. I don't think i have watched something that has changed my life more than My Hero Academia. After having dealt with hardships and being on the lowest point of my life, i kinda forgot what i stood for and how magical life can be. As a kid i always imagined web slinging just like Spiderman would do it, and be like him. He was one of my childhood idols. Back then i just wanted to travel around the world, be happy and help others. I still wanted to do those things when i became older, but i didn't really believe i could do those things for quite some time…

    Now i have dealt with those obstacles and problems i have had for quite some time now, by asking for help and pulling out an inner strength i didn't know i had. I don't know how many will read this, but no matter what you should always seek help, no matter how impossible it seems to solve your problems. I hope that everyone will have a good life and achieve their dreams, no matter what happened during ones life.

    During that hard time i heard these songs on this video, and "You Say Run" especially moved me. I had heard of the series before, but i didn't watch it until much later.

    I watched this show after that chapter of my life ended, and i instantly loved it. It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me smile and most of all, it made me hopeful. It might sound silly and a bit corny, but stories sometimes really have the ability to move and inspire people, just like this one. The character i can relate to the most of all time is Deku and it's amazing to see his story. Just like him, i have been disadvantaged all of my life and i think a lot of people can relate to that. When Deku fought Muscular some of my older dreams got reawakened, and i had a revelation. I have always loved people and wanted to help them, but now i want to help and save them with a smile and become a hero in my own way. Yes superpowers don't exist and yes i don't know how i will do it. I'm just a human like everyone else. But no matter what i want to make a positive change to the world, and i hope that many other people will do the same. My biggest dreams are to help others as much as possible, travel around the world and go on adventures, and most of all put on a smile even trough though times.

    I wish the best of luck to all of you out there and remember to stay strong, because me among many others will be cheering!

    Now i only have one more thing to say…



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