1. When you’re limited on your skills that’s what you do. What other way would we be watching this goofy if wasn’t for lack of class and disrespect ways. Probably will ended up his career on a small tennis school, if not in jail.

  2. Those hating on the man just remember… You hate him on the outside because it makes you feel better but deep down, you cant stop watching him and after all, sport is entertainment. He is maturing and will be a future grand slam champ and world no.3, 2 or 1 guaranteed. By the way, I've met him, had a chat, great bloke. Better than the other one dimensional, boring players on tour.

  3. For all the people talking shit about Nick, remember that Roger Federer had anger management early in his career, and absolutely cracked it a few times. He matured, and decided he didn't want to be known as that person. Kyrgios is younger, I'm sure he'll mature.

  4. Nick is a polarizing player. This makes him so human and makes him one of us. Not like the colorless, conservative, Andy Murray for example. It is always the polarizing guys that move something, not the ones who always act exactly how it is been told. Disobediance is a glorious gift.


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