This blockchain company may be a golden investment opportunity! – Frank Holmes Interview



  1. I was looking to invest a while back. A friend introduced me to [www profitfast online and www freedominvest cc]
    The returns are ridiculously enormous. I just wanted to share with you all.

  2. Typical pump and dump from these guys. Fake youtube accounts in the comments section hyping this dog up as usual.
    The company also keeps diluting the hell out of their stock. They don't give a crap about the shareholders. Stay away.

  3. Hive is a Crypto mining company that only profits on Proof of Work Coins. Proof of Stake or Premined coins are a completely different ballgame. I am not against Hive, but this looks like a clear pump to get Gold Bugs who don't know shit about Crypto to buy into it. Mining Crypto is already rough for margins to begin with. Just be careful what you get into. There is lots of money that has no idea how to buy Crypto chasing anything with Crypto exposure.

  4. USA having the most gold??
    Hahaha…that was a good one.
    He obv has NO clue of what is going on in the world.
    Im sure i dont need to explain myself.
    I stopped listening from there.

  5. Daniel why should we listen to your stock suggests? All your stock picks this year are garbage. Year ago you raved Winston Gold Corp (WGMCF) is a must own stock at 36 cents and now sits at less then 4 cents.


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