1. Game in 4K Resolution, and trees at the roadside are still 2D Sprites…
    I thought that trick was cheap in 2011 when Trackmania² Canyon pulled that, and it is still cheap now.
    The cars and interior look amazing though.

  2. It is an open track or seen as a public road. I put some laps with a Fiesta just this spring. There a few race insurances that will cover driving the ring. An accident there can be crazy expensive because you have to pay for damages to the track, marshalls, towing track closures, etc as well as fixing your car. It is fun and intense. I posted my video of doing a "hot" lap.

  3. I just bought a LG 4k oled tv. I'm watching your video in 4k. Am i seeing what you're seeing? Cause the graphics and details doesn't look as good as what you're saying. 4k movies look amazing but every 4k game I've seen on YouTube don't look that impressive. Is it because I'm streaming this video? I'm new to 4k so I'm not sure.

  4. this video highlights how much i take for granted basic driving knowledge. don't get me wrong I'm by no means a pro but they literally don't even know how to initiate a drift XD.
    would love to see them maybe to a track day with a teacher. especially smith. looks like he might have potential

  5. I terms of what I think you should do in multiplayer, firstly a 30 minute race with LMP1 cars (Forza P1 in game) at Circuit De La Sarthe where the Le Mans 24 hours is held which will of course be condensed down into the vid. Secondly turn ur bloody assists off to drift, dumbos (keep ABS and normal steering though). Do another drift race in multiplayer still with the hoonicorn at the Circuit of the Americas short course. That'll be all

  6. They would love Forza Horizon 3 I think, not sure if the audience would or not. The main Forza series has become a rental for me these days; once I see all the cool cars and race the few new hyper cars that interest me the game gets pretty boring. All my friends that play get way too salty about it so they don't even know I play it still lol

  7. Nice job for calling out that guy and then reporting it to the police Ross. You wouldn't believe how many people wouldn't do either because they think it doesn't concern them. The world needs more people like you who are willing to look out for their fellow man.


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